Sitebeam screenshotWe like to keep things simple, and having two very similar products with very similar names was just way too confusing.

So our enterprise-level product SiteRay, is now part of our website intelligence tool, Sitebeam.

Same great features

Sitebeam does everything SiteRay did and in time, will do more – we’re working on new features and improvements right now.

Clearer pricing

We’ve launched new packages with set pricing so you can choose whether you want to pay for monthly subscription, or just ‘monitor’ one site for a year.

Easier payments

Our monthly plans means you can pay online and get started straight away – by card or through PayPal.

If you need to pay by invoice, that’s fine too, subject to credit checks and a minimum subscription term of 6 months for a monthly plan (or a minimum payment of £200.)

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