Check for error messages within any website

Screenshot of Sitebeam's error pages test

Why is it important?

If a website has an error, it can:

  • put users off the website / lower their confidence in the website
  • cause search engines to avoid the site
  • indicate a security vulnerability which hackers can find and exploit.

How is it measured?

This test checks each page in turn for:

  • Are any error messages reported in the page? (e.g. PHP, ASP, JSP errors.) These should never be visible and can indicate a security issue as well as a technical one.
  • Is the page completely empty? Empty pages usually suggest a fault.
  • Does the page contain a HTML and body tag, and are both of these closed? The absence of any suggests a fault, such as an incomplete page or broken HTML.

Errors are rated for severity. Some errors are much more significant than others.