Measure the reading age of any website

Screenshot of Sitebeam's printability test

Why is it important?

As a general principle, making text easier to read helps the usability of a website, which in turn makes it more likely to be used, and used successfully. Copywriting on websites can be poor, and marketing and technical jargon often compromises the effectiveness of a website.

What is reading age?

Reading age measures the amount of formal education a person needs to have had (on average) to comprehend a piece of text.

For example, a reading age of 15 means a person who has been formally educated until age 15 will on average be able to understand that text.

Note that even in highly developed countries that average reading ages for the adult population are typically much lower than the 16 or 18 you might expect. For example, in the UK about half of working adults have a reading age of 11 or lower.