Test whether a website uses undesirable client-side redirections

Screenshot of Sitebeam's redirection test

Why is it important?

Client-side redirections are an unnecessary trick which prevents visitors from using the Back button (every time they try, it reloads the current page), impairs SEO and accessibility. These type of redirections are unnecessary and frustrate users.

They also often prevent users without JavaScript enabled accessing pages, and search engines such as Google.

An alternative form of redirection (server-side redirections) can be used without any of these side effects.

How is it measured?

Sitebeam checks each page in turn for the use of certain Javascript or Meta tags which perform these redirections.

The score is penalised heavily for client-side redirection in the site, proportional to the size of the website.

Redirections on the homepage incur a special additional penalty as they can prohibit access to the entire website for some users and search engines.