Check and track your search engine ranking

Screenshot of Sitebeam's search engine test

Based on keywords you tell it you want to rank well for, Sitebeam reports on your position in Google or other top search engines and scores your performance out of 10.

With over 80% of web traffic originating from search engines, this is a crucial marketing measure for your site.

The results are best viewed alongside the findings of the Content keywords test, for a fuller picture of your SEO.

Compare yourself to others

Sitebeam automatically looks for other websites that rank well for your keywords, so you can see who’s got the top spot and which of your competitors are doing best.

Not just a search ranking test

Sitebeam is a full website intelligence tool, so as well as this useful search ranking test, it has more than 30 other tests too – everything from broken links and W3C compliance to spelling and search engine rankings.

  • Web agencies use Sitebeam to check sites before launch, analyse potential clients’ websites and keep clients happy.
  • Website owners use Sitebeam to gain greater knowledge and control of their website, find and fix errors fast, and prove their site’s quality to others.
  • Sales teams use Sitebeam to rapidly gain intelligence about prospects’ websites for a more effective sales pitch.