Check how a website will appear in search engine results

Screenshot of Sitebeam's search engine results test

Why is it important?

When someone uses a search engine, they consider the search results briefly before clicking on one.

Improving the quality of the result text which appears, can improve the likelihood of your website being clicked on.

How is it measured?

This test inspects the Title for each webpage, and its Meta Description tag.

Google enforces specific maximum lengths for both Title and Description, which are replicated by Sitebeam. If a duplicate Description is used, it is ignored – again this is consistent with Google’s behaviour, but is often overlooked by developers.

Sitebeam also flags up other issues:

  • If the Title is a web address.
  • If the Title is redundant or useless, e.g. if it simply says “Homepage” or “Blog”.
  • If the Title is needlessly verbose, e.g. “News page” should be called “News”.
  • If the Description is extremely short (below 30 characters).

The final score is based on a weighted average of the scores for each page, proportional to their relative importance.