Test the speed of any website

Speed test screenshot

Sitebeam works out how long it takes to load each page of your website, and then summarises this neatly into an average response and load time. Your website speed is scored out of 10 so you can quickly see how it’s performing.

As well as frustrating people, slow pages can affect your website’s ranking in search engines. Back in 2010, Google openly started to use website speed as a factor in their rankings.

Export to-do lists

You can export a list of the response and load times of every page and file, starting with the slowest first. So it’s easy to prioritise improvements.

Check 100s of webpages. In minutes.

Test your entire site in one go and get detailed information about the speed of each page. Checking 100 webpages usually takes around 15 minutes; 250 webpages usually takes around 30 minutes.

Not just a speed test

Sitebeam is a full website intelligence tool, so as well as a powerful speed test, it has more than 30 other tests too – everything from broken links and W3C compliance to spelling and search engine rankings.

  • Web agencies use Sitebeam to check sites before launch, analyse potential clients’ websites and keep clients happy.
  • Website owners use Sitebeam to gain greater knowledge and control of their website, find and fix errors fast, and prove their site’s quality to others.
  • Sales teams use Sitebeam to rapidly gain intelligence about prospects’ websites for a more effective sales pitch.