Spell check your websites in 7 major languages

Screenshot of Sitebeam's spelling test

Sitebeam allows you to spell check sites in French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian and of course, US English and British English.

Find spelling mistakes in hidden areas

Unlike other spell checkers, Sitebeam is clever enough to find spelling errors in the really hidden parts of your site: the meta tags, page titles and alt text.

A spell check that learns names over time

The disadvantages of most spell checkers is that the dictionaries they use won’t recognise names, industry jargon and specialist terminology – so they’ll flag them up as errors when they aren’t.

With Sitebeam however, you can stop this happening by using the ‘Add to dictionary’ button. Once a word is added to your dictionary, it won’t flag it up as an error next time, greatly reducing the number of ‘false errors’ you’ll encounter.

Export spelling errors

Export spelling errors into Word or Excel to create ‘to do’ lists.

Check your entire website. In minutes.

Test your entire site in one go. Checking 100 webpages usually takes around 15 minutes; 250 webpages usually takes around 30 minutes.

Not just a spell check

Sitebeam is a full website intelligence tool, so as well as this powerful spell check, it has more than 30 other tests too – everything from broken links and W3C compliance to search engine rankings and social interest.

  • Web agencies use Sitebeam to check sites before launch, analyse potential clients’ websites and keep clients happy.
  • Website owners use Sitebeam to gain greater knowledge and control of their website, find and fix errors fast, and prove their site’s quality to others.
  • Sales teams use Sitebeam to rapidly gain intelligence about prospects’ websites, for a more effective sales pitch.