Check whether webpages are built properly using CSS

Screenshot of Sitebeam's stylesheet test

Why is it important?

Stylesheets (also known as CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets) are now a standard means of building webpages.

They deliver massive benefits over the previous ‘table-based’ technique:

  • Faster to load
  • More accessible
  • Easier to maintain.

Since 2001, it is virtually unheard of for a website not to use stylesheets.

However, this test checks that pages are built using it properly for layout, and not just to perform cursory functions (such as to change font size).

How is it measured?

Each page is analysed in turn to determine whether it uses CSS, whether tables are used for layout, and whether external stylesheets are used.

The score is calculated from the proportion of pages which use CSS for layout, with a very slight preference for using external stylesheets. The relative importance of each page affects how the scores are weighted.

Pages with virtually no content (e.g. redirection pages) are ignored.